If you already have your technology products and services set up and want integrate them into your ChapterSpot, our team offers a number out-of-the box solutions for connecting into membership ecosystem technologies. We call these Connectors. This is a "behind-the-scenes" technology that updates/synchronizes an organization's ChapterSpot data with another technology.

Most organizations start with a Database Connector, a connection that shares their ChapterSpot data with their organization's primary database of members.

Here are just a few examples of instances where a Connector would update the headquarters database:

  • A member updates his/her email on ChapterSpot
  • A member changes from new member to active
  • A member is elected to an officer position
  • A leader invites a new member into their group

In need of a database? Checkout our Salesforce Database We have a number of connectors including the most common databases in the industry, including both Salesforce and iMIS.

Don't see a connector that will work for you? If a connector doesn't exist already, headquarters can consider either creating it using the Chapterspot API or by contacting your ChapterSpot Account Manager who can consult with you on how best to setup your connector.


The ChapterSpot API empowers your organization to create a variety of personalized membership experiences with incredible speed.

Technically, the ChapterSpot API is organized around REST. We provide various resource-oriented URLs, such as /members and /groups, along with HTTP response codes to indicate errors. For access to our Developer's Portal, please contact your Account Manager.

ChapterSpot API access is only the beginning. Your developers also receive training and hands-on assistance in working with the ChapterSpot API. We provide resources for learning our API and consultation on best practices for making it work for your organization. Additionally, each headquarters receives sandboxes for your organization so your developers can safely test and develop their connections before going live on production.

Want to get started? Contact your ChapterSpot Account Manager today to request access to the ChapterSpot API documentation or to schedule a consultation around an integration.