As organizations grow bigger and bigger, we often see an increase in workload without a proper means to complete everything efficiently. Staff are spending most of their time trying to tackle the trivial day-to-day tasks that could be completely automated by technology.

We have created a short 3-minute evaluation created solely for your benefit to grade your current technology infrastructure. We hope this evaluation proves to be of great value to your organization and provides meaningful feedback to assist you with the maintenance and development of your technology.



Your technology is minimal but it exists

Hey, it’s okay. This score doesn’t mean your organization is lacking technology, but your current processes might be hindering you more than they're helping. Or maybe you were actually anticipating a lower score. There is a strong chance that manual entries are an ever-recurring process for your organization and your data is all over the place. You probably spend more time managing and cleaning up data and not enough time tackling the real needs of the organization.

There is also a chance that due to lacking technology at the headquarters level, it is pretty difficult to provide your local chapters with efficient tools that modernize their day-to-day tasks.

This is where ChapterSpot can help. We will identify all workflows that can be strengthen with good technology and develop the best solutions.


Your boat is floating but it’s taking on water

Your organization has technology solutions that definitely bring ease to your team but there are still numerous tasks that leave you banging your head against the wall.

Chances are you understand the need for better solutions but just don’t know where to start or not sure how to bring it all under one roof. ChapterSpot is more than happy to take a peek at your current infrastructure and provide a free consultation.


Automation is standard vocabulary in your organization

High fives all around - your organization has invested in the right solutions to make your team members’ lives less chaotic. Your strong technology infrastructure allows your workflows to seamlessly work together which means less work and more output.