Dues Collection

Our dynamic suite of tools gives your chapters the ability to collect money online from members, develop manageable budgets, and generate financial reports. Our platform helps members stay informed about charges and due dates, lowers general processing transaction fees, and improves collection rates. What’s included:

  • A secure, cloud-based method to track finances
  • An online portal for members to pay dues
  • Paper and email statements sent to each member and/or bill payer
  • Courtesy calls to members and/or bill payers with overdue balances
  • Automated messages to members and bill payers
  • Full service bad debt collections (for balances that are over 90 days past due)


We have designed a budgeting tool that easily allows treasurers to create monthly and semester-long budgets, income statements, and month over month comparisons.

BudgetApp seamlessly integrates with CollectionsPro to easily create monthly and semester-long budgets, P/L reports, and month-over-month comparisons.

Other features include the ability to create and automatically send monthly reports so the executive board, housing corporation, and alumni board and securely share sensitive financial info without having to pass around a spreadsheet in an email.