Member Lifecycle

There are many statuses that an individual holds throughout their membership of an organization. Although the concept of managing and tracking your members' life cycles might appear to be a simple process, this task burdens most group leaders with unneeded manual entries and endless paperwork. ChapterSpot's membership management platform allows members to set up a user profile upon association. Member statuses automatically sync with a member’s record in the headquarters’ database, and in turn, staff workload reduces and the organization as a whole has better and more accurate data.


ChapterSpot’s database allows an organization to consistently collect data from members with simple features and automated processes. Complex reports no longer take hours to generate and can now be done in minutes with a few clicks of a button.


Recruitment Chairs are always tasked with the huge responsibility of increasing their chapter’s membership while maintaining it’s core character. We have designed a simplified platform that will aid your chapter in recruitment process and eliminate wasting time on complicated tracking tools.

Recruitment is an innovative tool that collects prospect information at the onset of the recruiting process. Once reported as a new member, this information becomes the basis for that individual’s member profile on ChapterSpot. This app is all encompassing by using the Recruitment Form as a sign up sheet for preliminary recruitment events through reporting final members to headquarters.