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Portal Features

The Portal is the primary online site for your organization's members, donors, volunteers, and other constituents. Members can search for fellow members, view exclusive member benefits and opportunities, see their giving history, manage their chapters, and more.


You can use the roster to find members' contact information, meet members and engage with alumni, invite members to the Portal, view whether members have completed certain forms, and more.


Recruitment makes it easy to create and track potential new members and report them as official new members. When potential new members are added, they’re automatically recorded in Salesforce.


Roles allows your members to view all officers in their group, giving them the ability to connect with group leadership or reach out to alumni volunteers.

Contact Profile

The Contact Profile allows the user to update their profile information, which will automatically update the Contact's record on Salesforce.


Prompts require members to complete certain information before they can access other Portal features. Users must address the prompts before they can proceed.

Status Updater

Status Updater lets the user easily change members from one status to another inside of a group or chapter. You can control which users have permission to change members’ statuses or view certain statuses.

Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker allows users to track and view engagement of an activity, such as service hours, philanthropy, event attendance, and meals.

Contact Directory

The Contact Directory allows users to search for other contacts within the organization, such as members, volunteers, donors, and more.

Role Directory

The Role Directory allows users to browse the group role holders within the organization.


Forms allows users to add forms to your Portal that create a record on Salesforce.

Other Features

The Portal is packed with other features, allowing members to track their activity such as service hours, complete forms, and access a contact directory. See the video above to learn more about the Portal.

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