Salesforce Managed Services

In addition to the software offering, ChapterSpot's team also provides you with white glove support in configuring your Salesforce and in migrating your data. We manage the entire process for you from start to finish and our process is very simple:

  1. Set up your Salesforce implementation
  2. Install our Managed Package and configures your settings specifically for your organization
  3. Import your data and connect your Salesforce to your ChapterSpot membership platform

With Salesforce in place, put it to work to make your organization into becoming a more efficient, well-oiled machine. ChapterSpot is proud to offer our ChapterSpot's Salesforce Managed Services (SFMS) - our ongoing support plan for our Salesforce by ChapterSpot customers.

SFMS provides your staff with technology leadership and strategy, as well as development resources, to reach your organization's potential and to achieve the highest levels of operational fitness. As a client of SFMS, consider ChapterSpot to be your CTO on-loan. We couldn't be more excited to be a part of your team!

Together, we will align the technology strategy with the organization's goals and initiatives, optimize the efficiencies across our entire technology ecosystem, and bring the much-needed technology leadership and confidence to support the organization's long-term mission, vision and success.

For more information about SFMS, check out our Services page, or contact Sales or your Account Manager today.

Salesforce Integrations

How does Salesforce connect into the rest of your technology ecosystem?

ChapterSpot offers an out-of-the-box connection between your ChapterSpot Membership Platform and your Salesforce implementation. This makes it effortless for any updates from ChapterSpot to sync with Salesforce, as well as for updates on Salesforce to be synced with ChapterSpot.

For example, if one of your members on ChapterSpot reports that a new member has joined, this new member's record will be created in Salesforce and now you can interact with this record in Salesforce. Likewise, if you update this member's profile in Salesforce, it will update his/her record on ChapterSpot.

An integration with ChapterSpot is only the beginning. Salesforce boasts one of the biggest technology ecosystems in the world, it’s version of Apple’s App Store, the AppExchange. Explore the vast number of technology companies and services that are pre-built and ready to integrate to your Salesforce implementation with a click of a button.

Chances are that your staff is sending out mass email marketing to your members/constituents currently. If you're using any mainstream email marketing tool, it's also likely that it's integrated with Salesforce and you can find them on the AppExchange. Just install their App to send emails and behold the power of having all your email marketing data and membership data connected and housed in the same place!

Create reports and dashboards that leverage this connectivity to help your communications team see (effortlessly) the patterns, trends, and anomalies in their communication strategy.

Have questions about integrations with Salesforce? Contact Sales or your Account Manager today.