Form Collection

The ChecklistApp is one of our most popular and successful apps. It saves headquarters’ staff hours of busywork involved in collecting forms and communicating expectations to your chapter leaders. The ChecklistApp does 100% of the work for collecting forms and communicating important requirements to officers.

The app allows headquarters to assign tasks to subgroups and have the officers submit information in a transparent and effective manner. The officers can view and complete the tasks with status reports provided to the headquarters.

These assignments can include forms to fill out and submit such as weekly meeting reports, new member information forms, yearly reviews, or any from that is unique to your organization.


Weekly meeting reports, new member information forms, yearly reviews, and monthly financial reports are just a few examples of how headquarters staff can utilize the ChecklistApp feature. The ChapterSpot Specialist team makes sure each chapter is aware of the timeline and submits the appropriate items on-time.

Our team digitizes all forms, assigns forms/tasks for you, and conveys expectations and requirements to your groups. Your staff sits back and watches the data roll-in!