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ChapterSpot Managed Services


White Glove Implementation Support

We understand the challenges that come with starting over and migrating your data to a new system, which is why we're proud to offer our ChapterSpot's Managed Services (CMS). CMS is there to manage the entire process for you and continues to provide ongoing, white glove support after the set-up is complete. Our process is simple:

  1. Set up your Salesforce implementation.

  2. Install our ChapterSpot Solution and configure your settings specifically for your organization.

  3. Import your data and connect your Salesforce to your ChapterSpot Portal.

Ongoing Managed Services

After launch, ChapterSpot offers ongoing managed services for continuing and upcoming projects and goals. These services include:

  1. Roadmaps help the team plan their schedules and estimate involvement and capacity for upcoming projects. These are designed to help you align your technology priorities with your strategic objectives and mission. There are three roadmaps a year: fall, spring, and summer.

  2. Routine meetings with your Account Manager are used to discuss upcoming roadmaps, goals, and projects.

  3. Dedicated continuing hours allow for you and your Account Manager to work on ongoing projects and set objectives for the roadmap.


Technology Leadership

Together, we'll align the technology strategy with the organization's goals and initiatives, optimize the efficiencies across our entire technology ecosystem, and bring  technology leadership and confidence to support your organization's long-term mission, vision and success.

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