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A list of ChapterSpot's recent webinars, available to replay on-demand. Be sure to check back to see announcements of our upcoming webinars with early registration, or you can join our mailing list to keep updated with our webinars as soon as we announce them.


SigEp: Day of Giving

Learn how SigEp used their Salesforce skills and ChapterSpot’s technology to make their campaigns and fundraising efforts even more effective. We’ll cover the solutions and strategies they utilized to blow past their initial $1,000,000 Day of Giving goal.


Optimizing Roadmaps

In this webinar, we'll set you up with a comprehensive approach to optimize your roadmaps. We’ll show you how to find and focus on solutions that can be true game changers for your organization, saving you and your staff tons of time.


Organization Spotlight: Tri Delta

In this webinar on Making Our Tools Work for Us, we're joined by Erika Beatty, the Senior Director of Data & Insights at Tri Delta, to show you how to transform staff adoption of your technology and enhance your user interface.


Engaging Role Holders, Board Recruits, and Volunteers

Learn about two solutions that can be game changers for how you engage with role holders and volunteers in your organization: Chapter Role Holder Emails and the Future Service Tracker.


Foundation Services

In this webinar, we introduce Foundation Services, a premium, in-depth program to help your foundation optimize your processes so that fundraisers can focus on what they do best: driving fundraising campaigns and engaging donors.


Portal Updates

In this webinar, join Tristan Conroy, an Account and Product Manger at ChapterSpot, as he covers recent updates to the Portal, which can help your members better manage their roles, information, and experience as well as help your staff better validate and connect with members.


ChapterSpot: Extending Solutions

When approaching your organization’s roadmap, our Solutions Menu can help you customize solutions for your organization. In this webinar, we focus on one way to approach customization: taking an existing solution and extending out its uses for different goals and departments.


Phi Delt Story:  Managing Chapter Accreditation

Join Dylan Berg, the Senior Director of Systems & Analytics at Phi Delt, and Tristan Conroy, Account Manager at ChapterSpot, as they show you how Phi Delt formulated a technology-driven strategy and designed an accreditation process that aligns with their organization's goals.


ChapterSpot Billing Update

Join Joe Budde, the Solutions Architect at ChapterSpot, and Tristan Conroy, one of the Account Managers at ChapterSpot, will give overview of CSPB and some its newest updates that can be added to your organization’s roadmap to help you streamline your financial processes.


Solutions Menu

In this Products and Solutions webinar, Joe Budde, the Solutions Architect at ChapterSpot, and members of our education and marketing team, give a tour of the Solutions Menu, which you can use to easily select customized solutions for your organization's roadmap.


Organization Wins II

At ChapterSpot, we have a Slack channel where we celebrate client wins. In this webinar, we share solutions from Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Rho, Tri Delta, and Phi Delta Theta to spark ideas for your organization and enhance the membership experience.


Organization Spotlight: Alpha Gam

In this Spotlight, join Michael Morin, an Account Manager at ChapterSpot, and Lindsay Jarman, the Chief Operating Officer at Alpha Gam, to see the solutions ChapterSpot helped them implement, including National Volunteer Role Management, Chapter Advisor Management, and more.


Organization Spotlight: AOII

In this Spotlight, join Sam Friday, an Account Manager at ChapterSpot, and Victoria Ratzel, the Associate Director of Education & Database Management at AOII, to see some major initiatives and solutions that ChapterSpot has implemented for AOII and the impact it has had.


Organization Wins

In our first Organization Wins webinar, we share solutions from Theta, ZBT, Theta Chi, Phi Tau and Tri Delta to spark ideas for your organization and enhance the membership experience.


Organization Spotlight: SigEp

In this Spotlight, join Joe Budde, the Solutions Architect at ChapterSpot, and Zac Gillman, the Chief Information Officer at SigEp, to see some of the major initiatives and solutions that ChapterSpot has implemented for SigEp and the impact that it has had on their organization.


ChapterSpot Learning Management (CSPLMS)

In this Products and Solutions webinar, learn how your organizations can track enrollment, results, and completion of member learning. We'll show you how to leverage Salesforce's automation to get real-time access to registration and enrollment data.

Business Team

Account Manager Roundtable

A group of our AMs share some of our favorite recent solutions for our organizations, including Organization Role and Committee Directory, Tracking Member High Schools, Members Adding Relationships to Other Members, and Reporting and Tracking Member Parents/Guardians.


ChapterSpot Website Solution

In this Products and Solutions webinar, learn from one of our developers, Mayank Gureja about how your chapters and associations can easily set up and manage their own websites. You'll also learn how our solution can be used to create polished, on-brand websites.

Young Volunteers

Chapter Role Tracking and Vacancy Review

In this Account Manager webinar, join two of our AMs, Michael Morin and Caroline Anderson, as they discuss Chapter Role Tracking and Vacancy Review. They'll show how to use ChapterSpot to easily track and fill role holders and key vacancies in your organization.


Top Things Technology Professionals Should Know from Cygnus to Support Communicators

Learn from Joe Budde, ChapterSpot's Solutions Architect, and Ashley VanDewark, FFE's Executive Director, as they present the most important findings from the 2020 Cygnus Research Project, the industry's most comprehensive alumni research. 

Working on Laptop

ChapterSpot Education Overview

In this presentation, we'll give an overview of our Education department and show you how you can leverage our library of educational content to get your team members quickly up to speed and become experts on everything that ChapterSpot has to offer.

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